Thursday 3 December, 2020

Bandits make off with cash register in Arouca robbery

In a bid to quickly escape from responding security officers, thieves in Arouca stole an entire cash register.  

However, it was suspected that the register itself was worth more than the cash it would have contained at that time, as the device was valued at $5,000. 

Loop News was told at about 3.50 am today, officers of the Arouca Police Station received a report that a grocery located along the Eastern Main Road, and the Arima Old Road, in Arouca, had been broken into. 

The proprietor told police that at about 3 pm on Sunday, she had secured the building and went away. 

At about 3.45 am today, the alarms she set up in her business place went off and she realized that there was a disturbance. 

She notified the police and upon arrival they noticed that there was a big hole in one of the doors. 

Further checks revealed that the cash register, a quantity of alcohol, and groceries, were missing. 

The total value is to be ascertained, but police were told that the value would be well over $6,000. 

WPC Waldropt is continuing inquiries. 

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