Thursday 3 December, 2020

Bang for your buck: Carnival fetes for US$100/TT$680 and under

So many fetes, so much time. 

We know that most of you couldn't wait to finish that last piece of pastelle before entering into full-on Carnival mode. 

And, with a long season ahead of us, there are  A LOT of fetes to choose from. On the other hand, we know that with the six months of January upon us, cash flow may be tight at the moment. Have no fear, we've taken the liberty of scouring the Carnival fete calendar in search of all the budget-friendly fetes. 

Check out our guide to fetes you can go to for US$100/$680TT* and under. We'll keep you updated as fete promoters release price details on events. 



Rome Big Bad Blocko (TT$150-TT$200)

TRIBE I.C.E. ($300)

Hak Wai City (TT$200)

Zele Cooler (TT$225-280)

Up On Yuh Cooler (TT$300-350)

Hydrate Wet Fete (TT$200)

Jus Bring It (TT$300) 

Stumped (TT$250)

Xperience Cooler ($200-300)

Out in South (TT$300-420)

Liquid Cooler Fete (US$30) 

Black 2 Blue (TT$350) 

LUAU Block-O (TT$100) 

Jam Nation (TT$250-550)

Funky Monkey (US$38-45)

Punchy Wednesday (US$46) 

Farm House (TT$350-450)

Veritas Carnival Estate (TT$225)

BessLime Carnival Island  (US$50-150)

Beach House Cooler (US$50)




Tropical LUAU Carnival (TT$350-400)

Rum and Roti (US$50-92)

Carnival Cups (US$25)



TRIBE Ignite (US$100)

Bacchanal Road (TT$600)

Mental (US$97)



Bacchanal Brunch (TT$300-350) 

Salybia All Inclusive (US$90)

Kairi People Breakfast Is (US$100)

C'est La Vie (US$100)

Pêche Pâtisserie: Cocktails, Canapés & Soca (TT$650)

Kairi People Different (TT$500)



Festival of Colour: Street (TT$250-300) 
Dutty Carnival (TT$500)



Sekon Sunday (US$33) 

Kes "Tuesday on the Rocks" (TT$350 and up)

Chutneyland (TT$175-450)



OUT Cooler Cruise (US$45-75)

GT-Sea Colours of Carnival Cruise (TT$250)

Pre P11MP Sunset Cruise (TT$100-160) 

Pree Dawn (US$37)

Scorch _uck Work (US$60)


Editor's note: While most fete tickets are usually advertised in TT dollars, some fete tickets are quoted in U.S. dollars. 

*Exchange rates fluctuate regularly; prices listed are based on the exchange rate at the time of publication. 

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