Thursday 24 September, 2020

Bar owners complain to CoP: Officers confused about MoH guidelines

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The Barowners and Barkeepers Association has sought clarification from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith on COVID-19 health guidelines, particularly as it concerns the limit on patrons gathering at watering holes.

The concern on the part of the association follows police exercises across the country which targeted bars.

Interim president of the association, Teron Mohan, contended that the limit on public gatherings of 10 people does not apply to bars.

On Friday night’s exercises, Mohan commended the efforts of the officers to crackdown on errant bar owners where physical distancing guidelines were not being adhered to.

However, he said many officers are still not in complete comprehension of the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

He complained that in some instances, officers entered some bars and restaurants seeking the respective owners or operators/managers.

According to Mohan, the officers then proceeded to tell these persons they were in breach of the occupancy guidelines, citing information in contradiction with the established guidelines from the Ministry.

He said officers informed bar owners that there was a maximum of 10 people allowed within the building at any time inclusive of staff, and another 10 people allowed outside.

Mohan argued that the Ministry’s guidelines indicate that groups of up to 10 people are permitted in a public space or venue where each group must be set six feet apart from the other.

He said this does not mean that the venue is only limited to 10 people entirely.

“It simply means that the venue can accommodate groups of up to 10 persons across the entire square footage of the venue but each group must be set a minimum of six feet apart from the other,” he explained.

Mohan said these concerns have been addressed with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Expressing gratitude to the Police Commissioner, he said the association will continue to ensure the efficient implementation and enforcement of the Ministry’s guidelines.

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