Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Barbados blasted internationally over sewage issue

International visitors said they have become sick with gastroenteritis and have left after a sewage problem affected Barbados' south coast.

The sewage issue impacting areas in the south coast has taken many turns, with the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) recently calling the problem a "crisis":

“This is beyond the simple crisis; this is a serious issue. This is a national issue. We need the cooperation of everyone. We need the support of everyone, we need to push forward as aggressively as we can over the next several weeks to bring some closure to the issues that we have,” stressed General Manager of the BWA, Keithroy Halliday.

As growing concern raised over possible health effects of the sewage issue, more businesses in the area have closed their doors, while reports indicate that some residents have left their homes in search of a better environment.

Meanwhile, concerns over the potential impact on the tourism industry have heightened, as the island has been put on blast on TripAdvisor, with some visitors complaining about getting sick, while potential visitors debate whether to cancel their trip to the island. 

looptt TripAdvisor comments on South Coast sewage issue

A visitor from Connecticut said on Tripadvisor that five of their group contracted gastroenteritis.

"I’m staying at Worthing beach as we speak. The situation is horrible. The odor is nauseating. Five of the six of us have had gastroenteritis in the last few days. I’m never returning."

Consultants from Trinidad and Tobago are assisting the BWA with assessments in order to fix the problem.

Head of the Wastewater Division of the BWA, Patricia Inniss recently urged persons to play their part in resolving the issue:

Every tourist, business person, householder, has to realise you are going to play a part in whether we succeed or we fail and that is across the board."

“We are appealing seriously to all – not only residents, but larger commercial houses, hotels, large guest houses – we are not going to identify anyone specifically at this point because we don’t know exactly who are the main contributors."

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