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Saturday 15 August, 2020

Barrackpore family injured in vicious chopping attack

Police believe a 28-year-old man ingested a poisonous substance after he brutally attacked a family at their Barrackpore home on Friday night.

The man, who was armed with a cutlass, injured three people in the family including a 68-year-old man, his 35-year-old daughter, and his 17-year-old granddaughter.

The incident allegedly took place around 8.30 pm on Friday at the family’s home along Cunjal Road, Barrackpore.

Police were told that the 26-year-old entered the home and made his way to the bedroom where he began to attack the sleeping 35-year-old woman by chopping her.

The woman screamed in pain and raised an alarm, causing the 68-year-old man and his granddaughter to attempt to intervene.

They were both chopped as a result.

The suspect then fled the scene to the back of the house.

He was later found unresponsive along Ramkissoon Trace, Barrackpore.

The suspect, along with the three injured victims, were all rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital where they were treated.

The 68-year-old man, police said, was chopped on both arms, while the 17-year-old teenager was chopped to her left head and left arm.

Thankfully, their two injuries were not said to be life-threatening and they were both treated and discharged.

The 35-year-old woman however, is warded in a serious condition, having sustained serious injuries to her right arm, abdomen, and head.

The suspect, police said, is under police watch at the General Hospital, and is expected to recover.

When he does, he will be questioned.

Police currently have no motive for the incident, nor has the weapon used been found.

Cpl Mohammed is continuing inquiries.

More on this as it becomes available. 

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