Sunday 8 December, 2019

Beach goers urged to exercise caution over Carnival weekend

The Ministry of National Security’s Lifeguard Services Division is advising the public to be cautious as they visit beaches around the country over the Carnival weekend.

In a statement issued earlier today, the Ministry said the warning comes in light of rough sea conditions and higher waves at our North and East coast beaches. 

Those who intend to hit beaches and avoid carnival activities are urged to visit seasides patrolled and serviced by lifeguards during the hours of 10 am to 5:30 pm when lifeguards are on duty. 

The following are some additional water safety tips for those who may want to visit our country's beaches during the Carnival weekend:

Beach Safety Tips

1 If there are no lifeguards at a beach, observe water conditions carefully and ask residents about safe bathing areas before you enter the water;

2 Higher wave action would result in more powerful and dangerous rip currents;

3 Swimming under the influence of alcohol is dangerous;

4 Avoid going too close to larger waves;

5 Always keep children within arm reach of an adult while in the water;

6 Non and weak swimmers should never depend on floatation devices;

7 Avoid being in inlets or small beaches when tides are rising;

8 After eating, wait at least one hour before  swimming;

9 Never go swimming alone.

Here are some River Safety Tips for those visiting our rivers:

1 Be aware of standing at the edge of river banks and ponds as they can easily crumble;

2 Changing weather conditions could affect river volume, cause flash flooding and increase the intensity of flow;

3 After eating, wait at least one (1) hour before swimming;

4 Be aware of any sudden change of depth on the river bed;

5 Do not jump or dive into water where you cannot see the bottom; dangerous projections may be underwater;

6 The faster the river flows, the deeper the river bed gets;

7 Clean, clear water could fool you into thinking that it is shallower than it really is;

8 Beware of slippery rocks;

9 Choose swimming areas carefully;

10 Be aware of falling objects from waterfalls, they can cause injury.

The Ministry of National Security encourages all persons to be constantly vigilant about personal security while enjoying our nation’s waters.

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