Monday 1 June, 2020

Beach House moves signature fete to Carnival Sunday, adds South fete

For the past 15 years, Beach House All Inclusive has been a Carnival Thursday staple.

But come Carnival 2020, the popular fete that serves high-end alcohol and attracts the fashionable partygoers will move to Carnival Sunday evening with a cooler fete taking over the Carnival Thursday spot.

A new fete will also be added to the Beach House brand called BH on the Hill.

The Beach House organisers announced the new changes via social media on Wednesday labeling it the 2020 Carnival remix.

“Beach House has been around for 15 years and we’ve always tried to improve the offering and refresh the customer experience, whether through location, décor, novel food offerings, signature drinks what have you. We’ve been on a golf course, a cocoa estate, an abandoned swimming pool, and an amusement park,” explained Paul Charles, one of the Beach House shareholders.

“We’ve created signature ultra-premium cocktails and we’ve had a puncheon-exclusive cocktail bar. This year we wanted to do something completely different so we took a fresh look at the whole Beach House offer and decided to mix things up a bit hence the Beach House Remix,”  he added.

On the Carnival Thursday switch up, Charles said they’ve had a cooler fete for the past five years which was held on Carnival Sunday.

He said for years, people have been asking why they choose to start a party at 2 pm on a workday when they can’t get time off or end up missing half the fete because they got there late.

“So we decided to look at it. The thing is, people come to Beach House All-Inclusive for a range of things – food, ambiance, to watch people, to watch who people with, to drink champagne, and ultimately to fete.

“Starting the All-Inclusive later would certainly help the police with traffic management. Farm House’s Cooler Party starts around the same time as Beach House so a 6 pm start would make sense but it doesn’t lend itself to the full All-Inclusive experience. Night gaping is far less fulfilling! So we figured, let’s switch the Sunday Cooler with the All-Inclusive and start the Cooler at 6 pm. There would be less traffic, it would give more people an opportunity to attend, so why not,” he explained.

For the cooler fete, Beach House has teamed up with the Naughty Grape wine store to allow patrons who cannot or do not walk with a cooler or drinks to buy a basic ticket to enter and once inside purchase any of three tiers of cooler inclusive tickets – standard, premium, or ultra-premium – and collect a cooler (with drinks, chasers, cups and ice) at the bar.

Although he did not divulge much information on the Carnival Sunday All-Inclusive, Charles said they’ve dialed up the experience.

Early bird tickets went on sale today at $1000.

The new fete, BH on the Hill will be held on Carnival Saturday, February 8 in South on the San Fernando Hill.

Early bird tickets for that event also went on sale today at $950.

Asked about the impact of competition on their decision to change up their fete schedules, Charles said that it does not bother them.

“We have a saying at Beach House: there is nothing that we can do about what other people do. All we can do is manage our business and that’s what we try to do,” he said.

On the sustainability of the All-Inclusive fete, Charles said while school fetes are managing based on sponsorships, people do have less disposable cash than they did before and therefore have to watch their pennies.

“We have had to do the same. We’ve asked our suppliers to reduce their margins and we’ve also taken a cut to try to keep the event reasonably priced. I think it’s important to note that we are not the highest priced party, yet we do offer a wider range and higher quality of food than most events and serve champagne for the duration of the party, but as the saying goes, you can’t drink champagne for mauby money. What we try to ensure is that every patron gets exceptional value for their money,” he said.

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