Saturday 21 September, 2019

Beetham splashing incident ‘now matter for police’

The Laventille Constituency the recent incident in which Beetham residents splashed MP Fitzgerald Hinds with flood water and is 'now a matter for the police'.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Chairman of the Laventille West Constituency, Clay Thomas, condemned the ‘shameful and abusive conduct’.

The Laventille West constituency condemns in the strongest terms the behaviour of some individuals from the Beetham Gardens community against the honourable Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and the councillor for the area who visited the community yesterday to assess the needs of residents, following the flooding of several homes in the community.”

“The despicable action of the of the persons involved was caught on camera and witnessed by the national community on television and across social media as they engaged in their shameful and abusive conduct.”


“While this is now a matter for the police, we cannot imagine any good reason or fathom the fact as to why any person would choose to engage such behaviour toward government officials who were only seeking to provide relief to flood victims; why would they reject the assistance that was so gratuitously being offered to them?”

Thomas said Hinds, however, will continue to assist his constituents.

“Despite the action of the few the minister is cognisant that the community as a whole is of a different kind and does not support this type of action and must not, therefore, be made to suffer because of the folly of the deviant few.”

“He assures that that he will continue to be fully engaged and committed to residence despite the political mischief and that everything is being done possible to bring the necessary relief to constituents,” Thomas said.

The public was divided in its response after several Beetham residents splashed flood water on Hinds during a visit to the area after heavy flooding on Tuesday. 

Residents claimed that they had not been receiving support from their MP since he won the seat in 2015. 


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