Friday 25 September, 2020

Biche man killed after helping strangers with car trouble

Police are investigating the death of 30-year-old Jonathan Romaine.

Romaine, AKA “Black Jack”  was shot dead outside of his home along the Cunapo Southern Main Road, Biche, around 7:00 pm on Saturday night.

According to reports, Romaine  was at his home with his wife and two children when a vehicle pulled up.

Three men exited the car and one of the men went up to the door of the home.

He allegedly went up to the door and asked for assistance – saying they were experiencing mechanical issues.

However, when Romaine went outside, one of the assailants opened fire.

Another man walked up over the 30-year-old man and shot him again.

The assailants then returned to their vehicle and drove away.

The police and paramedics were notified and Romaine was rushed for medical treatment.

He was pronounced dead at the Rio Claro Health Center.

A team of officers, led by ASP Revanales and Insp Garcia, visited the scene.

Police have no motive for the killing, however, they did note that in the past, Romaine was known to them, having been linked to firearm-related offences, robbery, common assault, and even possession of narcotics.

More on this as it becomes available.

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