Thursday 20 February, 2020

Watch: Big Foot gets a 'big up' as Americans try Trini snacks

Trinidad and Tobago's own local 'Big Foot' snack was given a 'big up' by members at 'Tasty Island Crate', who raved about it along with other local snacks in a video which has since gone viral. 

The video, which was shared to social media on June 22, was a hit with Trinis as Americans tried Big Foot, Rough Tops and Shirley Biscuits. 

Tasters exclaimed upon trying 'Big Foot', which they said was a melange of spicy, cheesy, seasoned goodness. 

View the video below:


Group members also tried Rough Tops, which they said was a new yet not unpleasant taste. Indeed, many couldn't initially place the taste of the well-known cookie. 

The group members also loved Shirley Biscuits, calling it 'buttery', 'delicious', and filled with coconut flavours. 

Shirley Biscuits is produced by WIBISCO, originally a Barbadian company, which is now part of the Bermudez Group of Companies. 

The group also tried Jamaican snacks such as Cheese Trix and Chachitas Banana Chips.

Trinis were well-pleased with their reactions.

Diane Williams: "They would have loved Zoomers and Cheezees!"

Marisa Harripersad: "Big Foot is my favourite cheese snack. Love it so much."

Afika James: "Where’s the Zoomers?"

Monalou Balliram - Gomez: "Its nutmeg that gives Rough Tops that exquisite flavour."

Camanie Maharaj: "Trini snacks rule."

The group also said in the comments that they would have their group try Zoomers in their next video.

Which are some of your favourite local snacks?

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