Monday 22 July, 2019

Blaxx calls on soca artists and radio personalities to uplift women

Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart believes soca artists have a responsibility to uplift women in song.

Speaking at Terri Lyons’ Listening Party on Monday night, Blaxx, lead vocalist for De All Starz, said he is on a 'woman campaign' this year.

The veteran singer, who has collaborated with Lyons on the song ‘All On De Ground’ said it is time for Caribbean men to big up women more in music.

“Every time a young Caribbean man sing about a woman is bend over, cock it up, split in the middle, drop it down, gimme it, five inch of cocky, that kind of stupidness. We as men have a part to play,” he said urging his fellow artists to big up all Caribbean women regardless of race and ethnicity.

“That is the campaign I am on. It is kind of derogatory to Caribbean women when young fellas don’t really show them the respect in music. I personally believe that musicians and radio personalities, knowing the state the country in supposed to contribute somehow. I can’t see what going on in the country and when I put on the radio I hearing about a girl who eh bathe for five days or Bacchanal Wednesdays who thief a man car. We need to start to make positive contributions because we deteriorating fast,” he said.

Blaxx said he is not bashing anyone and he, too, sang those kinds of songs when he was younger but as you get older, you get wiser.

For Carnival 2019, one of Blaxx' songs is ‘Gyal Owner’ in which he urges men not to try to control any woman in a fete.

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