Wednesday 18 July, 2018

Body found in river identified as Charlieville man

The body which was found at the Palatoo river in Barrackpore on Wednesday evening, has been identified as 55-year-old Thakorie Adheen.

Adheen, a Charlieville resident, was found with marks of violence to the head and chest.

Forensic pathologist Dr Valerie Alexandrov, speaking with Loop TT, said the victim was stabbed and dumped into the river where he drowned.

He also revealed that the middle age man's head was covered with a plastic bag.

Adheen bore stab wounds to the ride side of the abdomen, however, the wounds did not penetrate the abdominal cavity nor did it hit any vital organs.

Alexandrov said in light of this, the immediate cause of death was drowning and added that the 55-year-old man may not have drowned, had he not been stabbed.