Monday 28 September, 2020

Bogus female taxi driver, passenger team robbing commuters

Police are searching for a female driver and two men who are allegedly preying on the travelling public.

The latest incident took place on Monday where a knife was held to the neck of a 29-year-old man while he was being robbed.

According to reports, around 9 pm on Monday, the victim, of Sixth Avenue, Barataria, had entered an AD Wagon at the San Juan taxi stand along Independence Square, Port of Spain.

The vehicle was being driven by a woman, while two other men were seated in the car.

However, while en route to San Juan, along the Eastern Main Road, the driver turned off onto Erica Street and onto Furness Witty Private Road.

It was here that one of the occupants of the vehicle placed a knife on the neck of the Barataria man and announced a hold-up.

They then proceeded to relieve the victim of his cellular phone, and the cash that he was carrying.

They ordered the man out of the vehicle and drove off.

Thankfully the 29-year-old was not injured in the incident.

He was able to find assistance to take him to the police where a report was made.

LoopTT was told that police believe that some robbers are using a woman's presence to "disarm" their victims as they would not be as wary of traps or risks to their well-being.

WPC Rodriguez is continuing inquiries.

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