Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Borders remain closed; CARICOM countries urged to respect restrictions

National Security Minister Stuart Young has announced that Trinidad and Tobago's borders will remain closed at this time.

Speaking at the daily virtual media briefing, Young said any breaking of the borders at this stage has the potential to begin importation of the virus back into T&T.

He said the medical experts have advised that the restrictions are necessary and as such the borders will remain closed.

"Our position remains; our 330,000 nationals who are outside, shelter in place."

The Minister said based on events around the world any country which started to relax their border control immediately began to experience a second wave of COVID-19.

Young said Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs Dennis Moses dispatched a letter to a CARICOM country on Tuesday, informing them that the country's borders remain closed to both T&T nationals and non-nationals.

Young said the letter asked that the decision by T&T to keep its borders closed be respected.

"We will not also allow other countries who continue to have their borders open and continue to allow international flights in be used as a jumping point into Trinidad and Tobago. Understand, even some of our CARICOM neighbour countries who continue to allow travel to their country, we are not going to permit those countries to be used as an entrance point to the borders of Trinidad and Tobago," he said.

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