UPDATE: Body found floating in waters off Waterfront Complex

Police are currently consulting the missing person's registry across the country, in hopes of identifying the body of a man which was found floating in the water near the Waterfront Complex on Monday.

Sources say around 11:30 am, officers responded to reports that a naked body was seen floating in the water.

The senior police officer said the man, whose body was in the first stages of decomposition, was of African descent and roughly 5ft, 10 inches tall.

Loop TT was also informed that investigating officers intend to fingerprint the body with the officer adding that at this point, no further information has been forthcoming on the man's identification. 

Footage captured from the 22nd floor of the Hyatt showed the corpse floating in the Gulf of Paria.

Graphic images circulating on social media also clearly showed the nude body floating near a boat.

Coast Guard Officials were contacted and helped retrieve the body from the waters. 

More on this as details become available.