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Tuesday 11 August, 2020

British tourists return home after robbery mars Carnival experience

My heart has been shattered.

This is the response of British national Amanda Binns, who along with her husband were robbed at gunpoint in Trinidad and Tobago, after attending a Carnival event.

Describing the incident as the most horrific experience, Binns in a lengthy Facebook post explained that on Monday night she and her husband attended Machel Monday.

She said that they left around 1:30 am to avoid crowds and to beat the traffic to return her father-in-law’s house where they had left their two children.

Binns said they got back home around 2:30 am.

She explained they that they were greeted by gun toting bandits on their arrival.

The bandits made off with their phones and the rental car.

“The man that had his gun pointed at me demanded I hand over my phone, ‘gimme yuh phone, gimme me yuh f**king phone’ which I did. The man pointing his gun at Jr cocked the gun and demanded of Jr 'gimme yuh phone or ah goh shoot yuh dead right here, right now'. Jr handed over his phone and told them 'take it, take everything'. The men took our phones, jumped into the car and drove off, leaving me and Jr standing frozen in the yard, shocked and shaking at what had just taken place,” a traumatized Binns recounted.

Binns said they immediately contacted the police.

The traumatised woman said the police told her husband that the incident could not be reported in the news, as it is Carnival.

She said they then took a decision to fly back to London on the same day of the robbery.

“It was approximately 6:30am when Jr finally returned back to the house with my father-in-law, the police officer in a police car, and an unmarked police escort. He came upstairs hugged me tightly and said, ‘we’re going home’. I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t question. I just acted. I picked up my phone, dialled British Airways and arranged for us to fly back home to London that same evening,” Binn wrote on her Facebook page.

She added that the incident left her and her husband wounded.

Binns said because of this incident, she doesn’t know if they will ever return to Trinidad.

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