Saturday 11 July, 2020

Brother warns others after sister's drink allegedly spiked at fete

One Trinidadian is warning others to be careful after he said his sister allegedly became ill from a spiked drink at a Carnival fete.

A Trinidadian Facebook user, who chooses to remain anonymous, that his sister was working at a Carnival fete when she was allegedly drugged.

He said thankfully, nothing else happened and she recovered, however, he is warning others to be careful while partying, especially regarding drinks being made for them or offered to them.

"Ladies and gents. Especially ladies. Please be very careful when in a party or on the road. Go (to) the bar and get your own drinks. Ensure you see when your drinks are being made. Don't accept drinks from any or everybody. Walk with a covered cup that doesn't come undone easily.

"Do not leave your drinks unattended. If you do, toss it and refill. Be aware of who is around you and the crowd you are around. Be aware of yourself. We all like a good drink and a nice head but we can't afford too much of that luxury these days. Sloppy isn't safe or responsible," he said.

He added that if one feels ill, faint or sick, to tell one's friends and seek help immediately. 

"If at any point you feel ill/faint/sick. Tell your friends immediately. Do not pass it off as just you drank too much. Stay together. Going alone away from the people you know leaves you in a vulnerable position."

"Too much stupid things happening this carnival season. Please take precaution so you do not become a statistic," he said.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said over 5,000 officers will be deployed throughout the country over Carnival Monday and Tuesday to provide a strong police presence, including mounted and canine forces. 

Citizens are urged to save the following emergency numbers for ease of use:

TTPS: 555, 999, 800-TIPS

Ambulance Services: 811

Fire and Ambulance: 990

Coast Guard: 634-4440

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