Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Buju's T&T concert on, may not be the first

A retraction is expected to be issued by the promoters who announced that Buju Banton’s first show will be held in Trinidad and Tobago,

Buju’s manager Donovan Germain confirmed to Loop that while Buju will, indeed, perform in T&T on April 22, 2019, as announced on the Love and Harmony cruise on Sunday night, it may not be his first show.

Germain said he did not know why the promoters said it would be the singer’s very first show and revealed that a retraction is expected to be released.

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The announcement that Buju’s first show following his release from a US jail on December 8 would be held in T&T elicited disappointment from Jamaicans, some of whom expressed their displeasure on social media.

“Yeah, as can be expected people would be disappointed,” Germaine told Loop.

He could not say if the retraction was as a result of that disappointment.

He did say, however, that since the announcement, they have been getting calls from around the world from people anxious to see Buju in concert.

While the announcement created excitement in T&T among Buju fans, members of the gay community were not as thrilled.

Some told Loop that Buju, whose song ‘Boom Bye Bye’ encouraged the killing of homosexuals, should not be celebrated or allowed to perform in T&T.

They said the singer never apologised for his homophobic lyrics.

In 2007,  Buju signed the "reggae compassionate act" set up by the gay rights campaign group Stop Murder Music.

In signing, he agreed to not make homophobic statements in public, release new homophobic songs or authorise the re-release of previous homophobic songs.

However, he later denied making such a commitment.

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