Wednesday 8 July, 2020

"Burkie" helps cops recover stolen vehicle in Sealots

Sea Lots “community leader” Cedric “Burkie” Burke reportedly aided police on Tuesday as they pursued a stolen vehicle which was reportedly located at the home of one of Burke’s relatives.

According to reports, officers of the St Joseph Police Station, the Northern Division Special Investigative Unit, and the Port of Spain Task Force, received key information which led them to a home along Production Drive, Sea Lots.

Burke was informed that he was implicated in the allegations, and he reportedly made his way to the home where he found a vehicle matching the description of one which the police were seeking.

However, Burke told police that the house has an open yard and that anyone could have dropped the car off.

Burke then reviewed CCTV footage of the home, in the presence of law enforcement agents, and it was observed that two men had parked the vehicle in the yard when no one was there and had left. 

One of the men was known to Burke, and as a result, the suspect was tracked down and arrested.

Burke, in the presence of his attorney Richard Clarke-Wills, made their way to the St Joseph Police Station where he was interviewed and a statement was given.

However, Burke was allowed to leave that night.

More on this as it becomes available.

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