Saturday 23 June, 2018

Businessman injured during shootout with bandits fights for life

Businessman Mahadeo Gosein is still fighting for his life at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex following a shooting incident on Monday morning in Barataria.

Police are hopeful that Gosein will pull through, and recover from his injuries.

However up to this morning, he was said to still be under observation for his wounds.

Gosein was injured in a shootout with bandits along Sixth Avenue, Barataria.

The exchange resulted in the death of 27-year-old Allen Walker.

Walker, police said, was well known to officers of the North Eastern Division as he had been serving a sentence for firearm related charges, and had only been released in May.

He was gunned down around 7:15 am on Monday along Sixth Avenue, Barataria.

According to police reports, Walker was with a group of three other men, who were all dressed in CEPEP uniforms. The group entered a supermarket along Sixth Avenue and announced a hold-up.

They grabbed the contents of the cash register, however, as they were prepared to make their escape they were challenged by a businessman in the store who had a licensed firearm in his possession.

There was said to be a shoot-out, during which Walker was hit several times.

He died at the scene.