Monday 13 July, 2020

Businessman's account after rescuing student from two men goes viral

One businessman's kind gesture after seeing a young woman being accosted by two men has gone viral online.

Business owner Riad Hosein told LoopTT he did not expect his post to get so many shares online, but his account raised concern from others as he described a young woman whose safety may have been at risk had he not stepped in.

Hosein said he saw the young woman, a student, as she was approached by two men while waiting for a lift from a relative in Pasea. 

When he saw the fear in the woman's eyes, he decided to help her. He is warning citizens, both male and female, to be on the alert while in public. 

"Young ladies, Please be careful. I pulled up by Pasea by an auto shop to change a blown tail light. I noticed a beautiful young lady crossed the bus route and stood in front of the grocery."

"Whilst the guy changing my bulb a Police car pulled up in traffic. The officers blew their horn trying to get the attention of the young lady. Then he even heckled her."

"I decided to go in the grocery to get snacks for (someone) and realized she was waiting on a pick up in front the grocery from someone."

"On my way out I got into my car. Realized two guys crossed the street and pulled up by her. She was rather uncomfortable. I hate confrontation and I don't want to get involved. But I saw the fright in her eyes and she looked at me with a silent beg," he said.

Hosein decided to pretend that he was there to pick her up in order to rescue her from the two men.

"I jump out my car and said. Hun, you ready, let's go. When she tried to walk off, one blocked her. I said boss man, can you let my wife pass please."

"The guy now shouting at me, 'yuh coolie mother (expletives)'. You are safe nowhere, this was broad daylight. he shouted again 'C*nt, ride out before yuh eat ah bullet'".

"She jumped in an I drove off. It real scary out there. Innocent girl waiting for her mom to pick.her up from UWI. This is where we reach," he said. 

Hosein said as they pulled away from the supermarket, the woman's mother arrived and she was able to safely transition from one vehicle to the next. 

He said he is concerned about the safety of young female students near that area, adding that they should be always alert and aware of their surroundings. 

The post has received over 1,800 shares up to Saturday afternoon. 

Citizens praised him for his actions.

Amanda Narinesingh:

"This shook me to my core because I know that look that she gave you. I’ve had that look on my face already. Being heckled and harassed by men twice my a teenager. Thank you for what you did. I hope the men liking and commenting would recognize that look because the incidence of violence against women is to high in this country and one day your daughter or sister may reach out for help pray that one of your brothers steps up."

Nikky Shah: "You did what 90% of trinis would not do.... well done sir...God bless you."

Gauri Balchan:

"Wow!! sad where we rch as a country!...thank god u were there... u saved one of our innocents... she would have been news today... god bless u."

Tanya Anderson:

"Thank you Riad Hosein whoever you are. Heros don't always wear capes...Ladies and gents be safe be aware. You took a chance on a stranger in need of help! I truly admire you!"


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