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August 10,2020
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Saturday 8 August, 2020

Caesar's Army to celebrate 10 years with In.De.Fest

Commander-in-Chief of Caesar's Army Jules Sobion is celebrating 10 years of his Roman Empire this year and he’s taking things up a notch with the introduction of a sister event that will join In.De.Paint on August 31.

In.De.Fest is a two-event festival that will see Romans celebrating Independence Day from the wee hours of the morning, with the j’ouvert fete In.De.Paint, until the last hours of the holiday with the new In.De.Grass.

Calling it an Independence Day Festival, Jules revealed that he wanted to mark the holiday—and anniversary—by doing something special and possibly long term.

The two-part event will give patrons options, where they can enjoy the signature Caesar’s Army vibe without the paint if they so choose or spend the holiday in full In.De.Fest mode at both events.

“I wanted to do more for Trinidad and Tobago in commemorating Independence Day,” he told Loop.

In “doing more”, his focus is on a younger generation of Trinbagonians.

“What I wanted to do for In.De.Grass is to showcase Trinidad and Tobago’s talent. It’ll be like a fair that encompasses music and entertainment. Essentially, you’re coming to a showcase of T&T’s culture that is  driven by next-gen artists.”

In.De.Grass will see an eclectic mix of artists including Jimmy October and his full band. 

“I’m also trying to implement people who do things very uniquely, so food vendors who specialise in local cuisine with a twist and grassroots merchandisers. It’s really a highlight of what’s next to come in Trinidad and Tobago.

“I really want to bring a sense of patriotism for the next generation. In addition to throwing fetes, I'm also concerned with how I get younger people interested in being a patriot and connecting with their culture.”

The festival has even further-reaching intentions.

“I’m also trying to create another platform outside of Carnival for foreigners and those in the diaspora to come home. With this one day festival, it gives the diaspora another opportunity to experience Trinidad and Tobago in a different light.”

Grab your In.De.Fest tickets through a Caesar's Army committee member or by visiting their website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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