Tuesday 15 October, 2019

CAL investigating after passenger removed from flight

Caribbean Airlines Limited said it is investigating an incident in which a paying passenger was led off of his flight after he was already checked in and seated on the plane over the weekend.

In a public social media post, Facebook user David Johnston said that he had already checked in for his flight on Sunday, November 19 and had been seated on the plane when he was called aside by staff. 

He said the flight then departed while he was kept in the boarding area, leaving him behind. 

"If you really care about you customer service listen to how I feel right now. Disappointed, dissatisfied and disgusted. Tell me where in the world could you book a flight weeks in advance, check in on time (at the check in counter itself), board the plane on time, have my seat upright and tray table up with my seatbelt fastened and still be kicked off a flight."

"Yes that's right. I was sitting on Caribbean airlines flight BW1521 scheduled to leave Tobago at 1:15 today (19th November 2017) destined for Trinidad together with my girlfriend only to be asked by one of the counter attendees to please step off the plane as she had a question to ask me."

"Being an understanding and compliant customer I figured it must be some issue or question I would have to answer after which I would simply return to the flight."

"Little did I know that as I exited the plane and entered the waiting area, another passenger was sneaked onto the plane to take my very place. All my bags and hand luggage were still on the plane and I was told by the attendants that I could not enter back onto the runway."

"When asked about why I was in the waiting area while the plane engines started I would only be hit with an explanation (a representative) that (it) was a system failure and because I was the last person to check in I had to be kicked off."

"Now remember I checked in on time, but because I was the last person to check in on time I had to leave the plane, meanwhile there were individuals on the plane that were on standby and not originally scheduled to be on that flight."

"But don't worry, they still had space for my bags as I was refused entry to get on the plane to retrieve them. Why thank you Caribbean airlines, I'm glad I don't have to walk to the second plane with my luggage."

Johnston said when he finally got to Piarco his girlfriend was waiting and said that she had not been told what was going on. 

"This is a message to all Caribbean Airlines customers, even if you book a flight in advance, check in on time and even get on the plane, you are still not guaranteed (to) reach your destination on that flight as an airline staff may have friends that need to get there before you," he said. 

Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligoure, said the company is investigating the incident and has reached out to Johnston for details. 


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