Thursday 1 October, 2020

Calls for restraint as hunting season begins

Some hunters are concerned with the high number of animals being hunted, just two days into the start of the annual hunting season.

Hunters shared photos of their kills to social media, some of which were babies or visibly pregnant. 

One hunter commented that the high volume of kills was for the purpose of selling the animals for profit.

Some citizens pleaded for their fellow hunters to exercise some restraint.

“I know hunting season start back fellas but have some self control please before we get a longer ban…I think within this 6 months we will have a couple endangered species of not extinct ones the rate these fellas going and if that happens there will be a longer more strict ban placed on the hunting community.” said Facebook user Varoon Ragoobar.

Kevin Badal:

"The authorities need to start to regulate the amount of animals killed each year... I'm not against hunting, its just the reckless way the hunters go about it, they shoot at anything in sight."

Richard Ashton:

“I understand that when people in the bush you sometimes don't get more than a flash of something running in front of you. Or might not be able to tell whether a animal is male or female or full with young.

But that's why we as hunters need to be as sure as possible before pulling the trigger. Sometimes that isn't possible, and I am sure most seasoned hunters can understand and appreciate that too.

But all in all, that baby quenk just to damn small too small to kill, I don't care if is for bragging rights or to sell or to eat. That is the kind of thing that makes hunting and hunters in general look bad, makes us all look like a bunch of bloodthirsty hungry savages with zero regards for the consequences of our actions.

All I can ask is please fellas, if you by chance happen to take a youngster animal, keep that to yourself, is not everything you need to show off and gallery with. All that sort of posting does is provide fuel and ammunition to support the anti-hunting groups and prove their point.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, the open season and a permit isn't a license to kill everything and anything that moves as soon as it moves regardless of it's condition.. A little restraint goes s very long way.”

Speaking to LoopTT, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said that it is too early in the season to tell whether hunters are hunting excessively.

He said however, that hunters must practice hunting responsibly in order to sustain the wildlife population.

“It’s too early for that…I have seen some of the photos on Facebook, but we don’t have sufficient information at the moment, we will see as it goes along.”

“There are experienced hunters especially those who are active in their associations and they go about hunting the right way, but we will always have some people who go overboard, and we encourage them to avoid the young animals, stick to the animals that are allowed and be responsible in what you do, because we have to sustain the population over the long term.”

Rambharat said that the Ministry, through collaboration with game wardens, will continue to monitor the hunting season and will take the necessary actions if needed.

A State Game Licence is required for the hunting of wild and protected animals. The hunting season runs from 1st October to the end of February each year.

Permits are issued annually from 15th September until the end of the hunting season.

Licence holders are required to surrender their hunting permits by 31st May in order to avoid being fined.

To apply for a State Game License, citizens must provide their name and address as well as a valid form of identification (passport, National Identification Card, driver's permit).


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