Thursday 3 December, 2020

Cancelled: Ramsaran Dairy Products pulled from grocery shelves

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) said it has taken note of "very derogatory statements" made by a member of the Ramsaran Family which owns Rasamran Dairy Products.

SATT said these divisive and inflammatory comments do not belong in Trinidad and Tobago's multi-ethnic society.

"We recognize that given the rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities in our cosmopolitan nation that these actions will not be tolerated."

As such, the association has advised all its members to boycott all Ramsaran’s Dairy Products immediately.

"This will stay in place until such time that the company seeks the appropriate remedial action in a consistent and satisfactory manner. SATT recognises the keen values which underscore the fabric of our society and is prepared to uphold the fundamental right that every creed and race is given an equal place and will adopt this policy until further notice."

Grocery stores join boycott

  • West Bees Supermarket

"Subsequent to feedback from our customers and listening to sentiments expressed by the wider community, the Westbees Supermarket team has decided to remove Ramsaran Products from our stores at this time and temporarily suspend ordering from this vendor. We at Westbees believe in the message enshrined in our National Anthem that 'here every creed and race find an equal place' and look forward to the continued partnership with our vendors who feel the same."

  • Xtra Foods

"As a responsible retailer, Xtra Foods makes every effort to align itself with partners who hold similar values to ours. We value our customer’s feedback, and we listen to them. As such, we have decided to remove Ramsaran products from our shelves at this time and suspend the ordering of this product at all our stores."

  • Persad's D' Food King

"We have been an organisation based on equality and built on the foundation of our core values. We have respect for the laws of Trinidad and Tobago and the fundamental rights of all our citizens. We embrace our national watch words of Discipline, Tolerance and Production and We embrace 'Every creed and race finds an equal place'. As a responsible corporate citizen and a member of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago, we join in listening to the clarion call of our customers and we have removed from our shelves with immediate effect Ramsaran products and temporarily suspend ordering of this product. May God bless our nation."

Massy Stores has also pulled Ramsaran products from its shelves.

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