Saturday 4 April, 2020

Careers Unveiled: Chocolatier

Have you ever wondered what goes into certain jobs?

In this new limited series, Careers Unveiled takes a look at at some of the lesser known career fields in Trinidad and Tobago, exploring occupations that, while we may know little about, feed into critical areas of our society. 

In our first episode, we sat down with Isabel Brash of Cocobel Chocolate. Located in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Cocobel has created a name for itself right here at home and internationally with its signature artisanal chocolate flavours and delights. As a testament to its quality, Cocobel very recently awarded bronze from the Academy of Chocolate Awards out of Britain. 

When most of us think about chocolate, outside of trying to figure out how much we can eat before its effects show up on the scale, we probably don't pay too much attention to how the delectable delights start off as just a simple cocoa bean. What's more, we probably don't realize that there's a distinct difference between those who harvest, roast and grind those beans into chocolate (chocolate maker) and those who create the unique confections (chocolatier).

Isabel, a former architect who happens to be both a chocolate maker and chocolatier, sat down with us and explained more about her dual profession, how she got into the field and a sneak peek into what her atypical career entails. 


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