Friday 27 November, 2020

Caribbean Queens: Our beauties vying for Miss World 2018

On December 8, Manushi Chhillar from India will crown her successor when a new Miss World is announced in Sanya, China.

The 68th Miss World final will see 120 women from around the world vying for the crown. Among them will be a group of beauties from the Caribbean.

The Caribbean has only won the Miss World title five times with Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago in winner's row. Jamaica holds the Caribbean record with three Miss World queens (Carole Joan Crawford, 1963; Cindy Breakspeare, 1976; and Lisa Hanna,1993). 

Do you think the Caribbean could pull it off again in 2018?

Antigua and Barbuda

Taqiyyah Francis

Age: 25

Background: Graduate of Midwestern State University

Passion: Design, painting, and Karate.




Nurianne Arias

Age: 23

Background: Graduated from the University of Aruba’s Faculty of Arts and Science’s Organization, Governance and Management Bachelor program.

Passion: social work and charity work with various foundations



The Bahamas

Brinique Gibson

Age: 22.

Background: Started her own business at the age of 16

Passion: Likes to cook, bake, do makeup, freelance, voice-overs, public relations, model and paint



Ashley Lashley

Age: 18

Background: Former Miss Teen Barbados

Passion: Fighting the spread of non-communicable diseases

British Virgin Islands

Yadali Thomas Santos

Age: 21

Background: Holds a degree in General Studies and Architecture from the H Lavity Stout Community College

Passion: She wants to be an architect


Cayman Islands

Kelsie Woodman Bodden

Age: 22

Background: Bachelors degree in Accounting as well as a Masters of Accounting degree

Passion: runs a lifestyle blog where she shares her life experiences, tips on various topics and promotes personal growth



Nazira Colastica

Age: 18

Background: Currently a student and founder of the E Awards Foundation in Project Management and Programmes of E Awards and has ambitions to study Psychology. 

Passion: Painting, music, sports, poems and meditation


Dominican Republic

Denise Romero

Age: 21

Background: Currently lives in New York

Passion:  Spending time with children



Morgane Thérésine

Age: 23

Background: she was also crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2016 and was the 3rd runner-up at Miss France 2017

Passion: She loves athletics, dance and music



Ambika Ramraj

Age: 19

Background: She made her debut as a model a year ago

Passion: Sports



Stephie Morency

Age: 26

Background: She studied at Madonna University in Michigan, USA

Passion:  She enjoys hiking, cooking, drawing and has a special talent for designing clothes. Stephie has three rabbits at home and enjoys traditional Haitian dancing



Kadijah Robinson

Age: 23

Background: She studied Physical Therapy at the University of the West Indies

Passion: People and work



Larissa Segarel

Age: 20

Background: She has completed her education from the University of the West Indies and Guyana

Passion: She loves photography and fashion. When she is not busy with her official duties, Larissa likes to go on hikes and explore the beautiful sites of Martinique


Trinidad and Tobago 

Ysabel Bisnath

Age: 25

Background: She holds a Law degree at Oxford University and a Master’s in international business law at King’s College, London

Passion: Playing piano, social work

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