Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Caribbean Vybez to rep the Caribbean At Global Village Dubai

Caribbean Vybez International has secured exclusive rights to represent the Caribbean at the upcoming Americas Pavilion at the 23rd season of Global Village Dubai.

Global Village is a one-of-a-kind, multi-cultural fest park that operates seasonally, showcasing different cultures from around the world, in a lively, outdoor atmosphere.

Global Village is renowned for its shopping experience showcasing authentic products from 75 countries around the World in 27 pavilions. Total transactions at Global Village exceeded US$690 million on an average every season which is six months long and attracts over five million visitors.

"This year we hope to represent the Caribbean for the first time, we are speaking with various parties in Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago" Ethan Auguste founder of Caribbean Vybez International mentioned.

"At this special time in many islands we need this opportunity more now, this can be our way to generate jobs, hope and foreign exchange back to the countries. In addition to this, we would be able to showcase tourism and culture with live entertainment to almost 30,000 visitors daily," he added.

The Americas Pavillion which started a few years ago represented countries such as USA, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, to name a few last season.

On show at this village are items such as authentic jewellery, clothing, food, beverages, craft items and anything that represent the various countries.

"We are looking for special items that will stand out and that represent the islands, some include but not limited to coffee, chocolate, teas, handmade home items, crafts, unique island style jewellery, clothing and even doubles and corn soup can be great options," Ethan stated.

Shared spaces are available and start at US$2,500 for the six-month duration with the possibility of owning your own stall also.

For more details and information visit our Global Village Dubai page and feel free to contact Ethan Auguste at

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