Friday 24 May, 2019

Carnival 2018: Kernal preserves memory of Devon Matthews in song

With his new release for Carnival 2018, Kernal Roberts is keeping Devon Matthews' memory alive with the song "No Kill Joy".

Roberts, known in the soca industry as Kitch, wrote the song as an ode to the late singer and media personality who passed away in August from a massive heart attack.

"Devon and I were closely affiliated, we were like brothers in and out of the industry. When the tragedy hit us all I was devastated and I was indebted to make his name live on. The slang No Kill Joy is relevant to everyone cause every day somebody trying to kill your joy. I just it to be known that this year Devon name will live on with this slang," Roberts said. 

Singing on the song with Roberts is Keron "Tim Tim" Boodoosingh, who was also close to Matthews. 

"He was the first man to help Tim Tim on the radio with advice and so on so he was fitting for the part," said Roberts. 

The song is an uptempo song in keeping with Matthews' spirit.

"We just wanted to remember Devon for the bright, happy fella he was."

In addition to "No Kill Joy", Roberts also has another release called "Over Time" with a new artiste Oseja Noble. 

The song samples Lord Kitchener's "Sugar Bum Bum".

Roberts, Kitchener's son, said Noble approached him with the concept and he loved it. 

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