Thursday 9 July, 2020

Carnival 2018: Tribe to launch an "alternative concept" in mas?

Come next Saturday, July 1, Tribe and its offshoots, Bliss and The Lost Tribe, will launch their themes for Carnival 2018 in an event called Festival of The Bands.

While there is anticipation about the designs, given the addition of several new and returning designers, Loop understands something big is also in the works. 

Tribe's bandleader Dean Ackin has been mum, but sources tell Loop to look out for what is being called an "alternative concept" from the brand. 

This concept, we are told, will add a new experience to the Carnival Monday and Tuesday vibes and is a collaboration with a popular events entity. 

Stay in the Loop for updates as we begin our countdown to Carnival 2018 and coverage of all the happenings as the bands prepare for the season. 

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