Monday 19 August, 2019

Carnival aftermath: Walls defaced, Woodbrook residents' cars towed

Woodbrook residents are crying foul after several homes and businesses were defaced with paint by revelers during Carnival festivities.

Several others in the area say their vehicles were towed.

Listing their concerns, the Woodbrook Residents’ Association said unregulated noise levels from J’Ouvert on Carnival Monday prevented many, including children and elderly people, from getting a good night’s rest.

Some bands reportedly began their revellery before the 4 am start time and cable and telephone lines pulled down before J’Ouvert was over.

Initial reports indicate residents on O’Connor Street were the worst affected.

The residents have, for yet another year, complained about "non-band routes" causing them distress and threatening the integrity of pavements.

“One J'ouvert band passed on Gallus Street heading north and turned right onto Warren Street. This street is considered a safe place for many to park as it does not see any carnival trucks using it and the corner is too tight for a carnival truck to turn without mounting the pavement.”

Another complaint was indiscriminate wrecking of vehicles, some of which belonged to residents parked legally.

“The wreckers continue to be the only efficient government body, wrecking cars quickly and shamelessly. Thanks in part to their poor traffic planning and super eager officers, person parked legally (including residents) are having their cars wrecked.”

The community watch group also reported witnessing firsthand a gang of boys attacking and robbing persons.

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez is expected to conduct a walkabout in the area to speak with residents about their concerns and survey the building which were defaced by paint.

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