Saturday 5 December, 2020

Carnival celebrations incident free so far, says Top Cop

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says Carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago have been virtually incident free in comparison to all other Carnivals.

Griffith spoke with reporters during J’ouvert celebrations in Port of Spain on Monday.

“Well it hasn’t just started with J’ouvert morning, for the last few weeks, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, we have kicked into operation mode for 217 Carnival fetes so far throughout the course of the pre-Carnival season.

Thankfully, it has been virtually incident free in comparison to all the other Carnivals.

The mission from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is to ensure that this becomes comes close or if not the safest Carnival ever. I think we are on track,” the Commissioner Griffith told reporters.

He added that officers have been strategically placed across Trinidad and Tobago.

“What we would like to do is for the Police Service this year to be seen and not heard.

The only time we need to be heard…Being seen means that we have that high visibility, high deterrence and I think the success is there so far, not just in the low amount of crime we have seen for Carnival so far, but the perception and fear of crime have been greatly reduced by many citizens who have stated this.

We intend to continue that way.”

There have been no reports of any major incidents.

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