Monday 24 February, 2020

Carnival GLAM Hub makes glamour effortless for masqueraders

Gina Davis, a happy GLAM Hub customer at Jamaica Carnival

Gina Davis, a happy GLAM Hub customer at Jamaica Carnival

Any Carnival veteran knows, getting dolled up for Carnival Monday and Tuesday is a production in and of itself. 

For newcomers to the Carnival, the personal grooming and beautifying that goes into being ‘Read for the Road’ can be an overwhelming experience. 

Enter Carnival GLAM Hub, now in its third year, but appearing for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago in 2020.   

Started in Jamaica in 2017, Carnival GLAM Hub creates a one-stop solution for masqueraders on Carnival morning.

It is the brainchild of Gabrielle Waite, 23, and Kibwe McGann, 41, both from Jamaica. Waite is the founder and lead makeup artist of Gabby GLAM while McGann is the Managing Director for INTUIT Concepts and events management company. Together they are the founders of GLAMCON - Jamaica's largest beauty Conference and Expo.

For masqueraders, GLAM Hub has everything handled: breakfast catered by Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, a bag check (with next day pick up) managed by Crystal Cunningham, ‘wing check’ on entry, an all-inclusive bar while customers wait, comfortable air-conditioned lounges, multiple makeup stations for international and local makeup artists. Also available on site are hairstyling services, barbering services by Sheldon, bronzing, photoshoots done by photographers Nigel So Crazy and JoegeoFOTO, changing rooms equipped with dressing assistants and a seamstress, large mirrors, and to top it all off, a shuttle service to masqueraders’ respective bands.  

Makep artist Angel Cumberbatch applies makeup on masquerader Mala Morrison at Carnival GLAM Hub Jamaica

The GLAM hub aims to cut out the challenge of running from appointment to appointment on the morning of the Carnival parade. 

According to Sponsorship and Marketing Manager, Bianca Manzano, “GLAM Hub caters to anyone who is desirous of convenience on the day of Carnival. It's conveniently located at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre, therefore easily accessible to all the bands. For someone who is interested in enjoying their day versus running around Carnival morning trying to work out hair, makeup and transport; then Carnival GLAM Hub is the perfect solution. It's ideal for foreigners who don't know their way around - especially first time Masqueraders - and who want to be in a hassle-free environment hinged on great customer service.”

GLAM Hub experience packages start at USD$120 for a basic glam package which includes: makeup, all-inclusive bar access, access to changing rooms, glam photographers and shuttle service. 

The Elite packages, which start at USD$150, include all the basic services plus access to the Hub's celebrity makeup artists.

Package upgrades are also available. 

Revellers can reserve a space for either Carnival Monday or Tuesday through various payment portals such as Eventbrite and WiPAY.

Beyond Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, GLAM Hub will also be available to masqueraders at Jamaica Carnival in April, and the team has their sights set on St Lucia and Miami Carnivals as well.

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