Sunday 26 May, 2019

Cars crash after parking in 'no-parking zone' at SFGH

At least three vehicles were involved in an accident at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) on Tuesday.

The situation, however, was completely avoidable. 

Loop TT was informed that motorists parked on the hump of a hill, in a no-parking zone and after some rainfall, one of the vehicles rolled down the hill crashing into one car which then hit another. All three vehicles were parked and were not occupied at the time so luckily, no one was injured.

South West Regional Health Authority CEO Keith Mc Donald said the hill has always been an area that parking was prohibited. However, he said despite the hospital's efforts to prevent parking on the spot, persons still opted to do so.

Video received via social media. Language might be considered offensive to some.

"It was always a no-parking zone but people used to defy and park but now what we may have to do is block it around or something. Even if the security tells people not to park there, people still go park."

Mc Donald is also advising motorists who have no business at the San Fernando General Hospital, to stop leaving their vehicles parked there.

"We are asking people not to park and go to work. Some park, they go, they take the water taxi."

He made the comment as following today's accident, one of the vehicle owners was not reached for some time. 

In an effort to prevent a reoccurrence, the SWRHA CEO said talks are underway to prevent parking on the hill. One short-term mechanism which will be implemented is to place signs around the area. 


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