Friday 22 March, 2019

Caught on Tape: Man clouts schoolboys

As tension continues to mount over the issue of school indiscipline and violence among students, one adult appeared to take matters into his own hands.

It is not clear where the incident would have taken place but the 33-second clip was recorded on what appeared to be the staircase of a secondary school.

A man in a red jersey was seen admonishing two boys against fighting before slapping them both in the head.

He repeatedly said, “I don’t’ want no fight in meh school.”

Students were also heard laughing and chattering in the background.

Social media users commented on the video, some of whom said they were in favour of the adult’s reaction.

One user said, “if it was any of my sons he hit so for fighting in school......I woulda buy him lunch for the month....give him my number for home & Cause I would like to know so when my son come home I go finish it....yes I need all the help u could get...wii”

Another stated, “If that was my child I was coming in the school and shaking that teacher hand... and then round two would be between me and my son when we get child of mine should embarass best i cry than he cry...”

Several users also expressed their hope that the man they assumed was a “teacher” didn’t lose his job.

Loop TT understands that the video might have been an old one which may have circulated as a result of the resent conversation about the re-introduction of corporal punishment to treat with school indiscipline.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia had previously stated that the Government had no intention of reintroducing corporal punishment in schools. TTUTA President Lynsley Doodhai also supported the position but said teachers needed alternative means to treat with students who break school regulations.

Minister Garcia, who is currently in parliament, was unable to be reached for comment on the video.

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