Tuesday 14 July, 2020

CDA to charge drivers, cyclists $20 parking fee

Starting from February 1, 2017, drivers and cyclists wishing to park in the parking lot of the Chaguaramas Golf Course will have to pay a $20 fee.

This, according to a notice issued by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) on Wednesday.

The CDA advised that "all cyclists and joggers using the parking facilities at the Chaguaramas Golf Course Car Park will not be required to pay a fee of $20 per vehicle/bicycle effective February 1, 2017."

The CDA said persons must make the payments at the Chaguaramas Golf Course Administrative Office.

The CDA added that officials will be checking visitors for their receipts and parking passes daily.

Citizens were not happy with the change.

One man commented on what he says are the many failings of the Authority:

"This must be a joke! Does the CDA enforce any fines for litter and trash? Week in week out litter can be found left behind by "beach lovers"...NO CDA enforcement..Does the CDA along with law enforcement pay attention to peninsula activity with all the events, alcohol consumption and volume of people in and out? NO!"

"Is there an audit of accounts for all CDA'S funding as well CDA'S spending ?? Shouldn't the public know where the tax dollars are going? And for what level of competence/ productivity are the dollars being spent on?"

Another said the fee seems poorly thought out.

"I understand the need for fees. This however seems like extortion and with no clear plan. We already pay fees at Macqueripe and that beach is very poorly maintained. A fee structure with some thought out into it isn't entirely out of order. This has the odour of a desperate attempt at revenue raising by the CDA."

"Per vehicle/bicycle, really! So I park my car and myself and friend have our bike we pay $60??? Please explain the rule CDA? I assume that you will, provide proper security to reduce the number of break-ins?

"Just a jogger, how much will you charge me if I take off my shoes, leave it for an hour, as I relax?" One woman said.

"Talk about punishing those who will abide by these fees, you know, the law abiding citizens, those whom you will certainly hold to ransom through harassment by your enforcers, yet, illegal vendors will continue to flourish with impunity, intoxicated drivers will pilot their vehicles after a fete, littering will never be addressed. The interesting thing is you are charging premium rates to park during the quiet times."


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