Sunday 24 March, 2019

Celebrating mothers: 8 things Trini moms do and say

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and as we prepare to celebrate our mothers, we are looking at some of the things that Trinbagonian mothers say and do.

1: Give you ‘the look’ when you’re out in public

The ‘look’ is the Trini mom’s way of saying to her child to behave in public without saying a word. Whether it is at church, at the mall or at grandma’s house when your mother gives you the look, you know to immediately stop doing what you were doing.

2: Wake you up early on weekends to do chores/go the market

How many of you have heard this, “Is 8’oclock and you still sleeping?” Trini moms often tell their kids that it’s only in their ‘mother’s house’ they could get the luxury of sleeping late. For some Trini mom’s weekends are for chores and going to the market.

3; Ask you what you’re crying for while ‘beating’ you

While scolding you for something you did or even giving you licks, a Trini mom will ask: “What yuh crying for, you want me to give you something to really cry for?

4: “Who don’t hear will feel”

This is a Trini mom’s way of telling her child they will face the consequences of their actions if they don’t listen. For example, if a child is running and is told to stop but refuses, a Trini mom will warn of what’s next to come if he or she continues.

5; “Wait until you reach home!”

If a child doesn’t obey their mother’s instructions while out in public they are usually pinched or told, “wait until you reach home.” This is a warning to a misbehaving child that they will either get a ‘bouff’ or ‘licks’ when they get home.

6: “Your father is a glassmaker?”

“Like your father is a glassmaker?” A Trini mom will often say this to a child if they’re blocking her view usually from the TV. This is an indication to move.

7: “Who is the mother, you or I?”

This is said when a child is opposing a mother or giving her attitude. A Trini mom will maintain her authority by reminding the child, who is the ‘mother’ and who is the ‘child.’

8: “I look like your friend to you?

This is famously uttered by a Trini mom when a child is saying something inappropriate to her. It is a Trini moms’ warning to a child to be careful of how they speak to her.














































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