Monday 30 March, 2020

CEPEP suspends Cro Cro over offensive language in viral video

Image taken from screenshot of viral video.

Image taken from screenshot of viral video.

The State-run Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) has distanced itself from the actions of calypsonian Weston “Cro Cro” Rawlins after he was caught on video cursing at someone, while at the wheel of a company vehicle.

In the 41-second video which appeared to be taken from the passenger side of another vehicle, Rawlins, the CEPEP regional coordinator for San Fernando to Point Fortin, hurled obscenities at the person recording the video as they cautioned him against using his cellphone while driving.

He was told he could cause a fatal accident.

In response, the calypsonian repeatedly cursed the individual and identified himself as Cro Cro adding that he was the owner of a Mercedes-Benz E350.

He has since been suspended pending an investigation.

A statement issued by CEPEP on Wednesday said such “belligerent” language and behaviour would not be tolerated.

“The views, information or opinions expressed in the recent video of an employee using offensive language belong solely to the individual and does not in any way whatsoever represent those of The CEPEP Company Limited.”

“The position of The CEPEP Company Limited is straight-forward and uncompromising - we do not and will not tolerate any kind of belligerent language or behaviour,” the statement added.

The Company apologised for any distress caused by Rawlins’ utterances and assured the public that “necessary measures” would be put in place to avoid any similar occurrences.

The calypsonian is quoted as saying his cuss-laden rant was in retaliation to a comment made by the individual. He claims that he was called a stupid ni**er and could not let that rest.

He indicated that he has already written a song telling his side of the story.

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