Friday 19 October, 2018

CEPEP workers, contractors unpaid

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, Dr Moonilal asked when 11,000 CEPEP workers would be paid as their payments were due on March 17.

Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis replied that the matter is being processed.

“We are not sure that the number that (Minister Moonilal) has quoted is accurate (but) we are in the process of ensuring that all workers receive their payments in the shortest possible time.”

In addition, Dr Moonilal asked regarding the payment of CEPEP contractors, who were due to be paid on March 10, 2017.

Robinson-Regis said that this is also being addressed in the shortest possible time.

On Tuesday, CEPEP announced that there would be downsizing of contractors who have been been working with the programme for more than three years.

The company said the move was necessary because the programme had “deviated from the principles of transparency and uprightness” over the years.

CEPEP said at present, 90 percent of existing contractors have been engaged for over five years, and have earned over $3,500,00 (per contractor) in management fees.

CEPEP added that contractors engaged in the programme were not paying health surcharge, NIS, VAT or Green Fund Levy to the State on behalf of their employees, as required by law. 

The company said it is currently in the process of realigning the programme with its core objective as a business incubator.


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