Friday 10 July, 2020

Chalkdust clinches 9th Calypso Monarch title

Chalkdust edged past The Mighty Sparrow after being crowned the 2017 winner after Sunday night's Dimanche Gras competition.

They were previously tied at eight titles.

Performing last on Sunday night, Chalkdust delivered a strong rendition of his song "Learn from Arithmetic" which is one of the more popular calypsos of the season.

The song tackles the issue of child marriage, and features the punny line "75 can't go into 14".

The performance earned him 439 points which was enough to secure him the $700,000 first place prize.

In second place with a total of 423 points was Karene Asche who performed "Caught in the Whirlwind".

She took home $400,000.

Rounding out the top three and taking home $200,000 was Heather Mac Intosh with "Games", a tune about T&T gymnasts Thema Williams and Marisa Dick.

Terri Lyons placed 4th with her song "The Phrase". She received $75,000.

Despite dramatic legal threats and battles to be included in the competition, Lynette "Lady Gypsy" Steele and Lornette "Fya Empress" Nedd Reid placed low at 9th and 15th respectively.


The full results are as follows:

1st. Chalkdust - Learn from Arithmetic

2nd. Karene Asche - Caught in the Whirlwind

3rd. Heather Mac Intosh - Games

4th. Terri Lyons - The Phrase

5th. Rondell Donawa - Lip Service

6th. Devon Seales - I Carmona

7th. Chucky Gordon - Wha Yuh Doing

8th. Queen Victoria - The Call to Prayer

9th. Lady Gypsy - Plight of my People

10th. All Rounder - To Be an Icon

11th. Cro Cro - Final Send-Off

12th. Gypsy - Angry Land

13th. Kurt Allen - My Corn Tree

14th. Sasha Ann Moses - Main Witness

15th. Fya Empress - Guilty

16th. Miguella Simon - Still Colonial

17th. Lady Adanna - Social Media


Contestants placing from 5th to 17th earned an appearance prize of $25,000.


Photo credit: National Carnival Commission (NCC)

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