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August 10,2020
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Sunday 9 August, 2020

Check out these Carnival fetes you can go to for under $675TT/$100US

We know the struggle: money is tight but you still want to pump for Carnival. But, in between Christmas and the general cost of everything increasing these days, for some, Carnival might have to take a back burner this time around. 

If you're keeping a close eye on your bank account but still want to step out for Carnival 2018, then check out our guide to fetes you can go to for under $675TT/$100US**.

Happy pumping!



LIT Golden-Cooler Fete (TT$200-F / TT$250-M / TT$300-VIP)

Jus Bring It Cooler Fete (TT300)

Rome Big Bad Blocko (TT$150-TT$200)

TRIBE I.C.E. (TT$280-TT$300)

Hak Wai City (TT$200)

Zele Cooler 2018 (TT$200)

Black 2 Blue (TT$300-TT$320)

Stumped (TT$225)

iUP (TT$300)

New We (TT$200-TT$300)

J'ouvert Splash (TT$100)

Out in South (TT$300-TT$420)

Soaka (TT$400-TT$450)

Illusions Block-O (TT$250-TT$300)

Punchy Punch (TT$200-TT$250)

Soaka Street Festival (TT$400-Female / TT$500-Male)

Emoji Jam (TT$250)

Jam Nation (US$38-US$90)

Pree Dawn (TT$250)

Tropical Luau Carnival (US$50-US$58)

Beach House Cooler Fete (US$50)

I.V. Cooler Fete (US$40-US$45)

Candy Coated Love Fest (US$75)

Jamboree Cooler Fete (TT$380)

RevelNation: The Machel Exclusive (US$56)



Bacchanal Road (TT$450)

Frazzled Plus (TT$450)

Bacchanal Blocko (TT$575)

Vice TT (TT$430-TT$450)

TRIBE Ignite (TT$600 - TT$650)



Soca with Hillview Old Boys Association (TT$475)

Central Bank All Inclusive (TT$650)

Evolve All Inclusive (TT$650)

Blue Range All Inclusive (TT$600)

Kairi People - Different All Inclusive (US$75)

Feting Tigers Premium All Inclusive (TT$650)

Fall Out All Inclusive (TT$675)

NAPS Party in Paradise (TT$350-General / TT$600 VIP)

Salybia All Inclusive (US$90)



Dutty J'ouvert (TT$450)

Festival of Colour (TT$250-F / TT$300-M) 



Ladies Night Out ($300-General / $500-VIP)

Army Fete (TT$275-General / TT$500-Special Reserve)

Machel Monday (TT$300-TT$600)

Tuesday on the Rocks (TT$350)

Big Bad Soca with Bunji Garlin and Cardi B (TT$300-TT$500)

Etienne Charles: Carnival: Sound of a People 2.0 ($300)



Soca and Ice Cooler Cruise (TT$200)

Fallout Kruise (TT$250)

Frazzled (TT$250)

Soca Raff Up (US$55-$65)

Scorch _uck Work (US$60)

BessLime Carnival Island (US$50-$100)

Rum and Music Cooler Cruise (US$40)


**While most fete tickets are usually advertised in TT dollars, some fete tickets are quoted in U.S. dollars. 


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