Friday 4 December, 2020

Updated: Child with autism taken to hospital after fall from balcony

Rihanna Reed.

Rihanna Reed.

An 11-year-old girl with autism has been hospitalised pending medical tests after falling off of a balcony from the fourth floor of the Maloney apartment complex where she lives. 

Reports indicate that Rihanna Reed fell from the 4th floor of Building 15 in Maloney around 3 pm today.

Speaking with media at the hospital as they awaited the results of tests to rule out any internal injuries, the child's father, Ryan Reed, who was at work when the incident occurred, said his daughter was trying to visit a friend living in one of the other apartment buildings. 

He said she was with her mother, who is ill. The couple does not live together.

Reed said his daughter is a persistent child and would use whatever means necessary to get her own way and would take advantage of her mother's condition

Both parents deny that Rihanna was wandering around and climbed to height then jumped.

An updated statement from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) said Health and Safety officers will visit the scene to conduct an assessment.

Below is the full statement from the HDC:

"The HDC is in receipt of information involving a child at our Maloney Gardens housing community. According to the reports received, the girl climbed on to the railing of her fourth floor, Building 15 apartment and fell four levels.

The child was taken to the nearest hospital. This incident occurred early Monday afternoon. It is believed that the child may have had a developmental disorder.

We are deeply saddened by this incident. Our Social and Community Services team has been dispatched to the scene of the incident and our Health and Safety officers will visit to conduct an assessment.


Editor's note: Initial reports indicated that the child's fall was fatal. The article has been updated to reflect te latest information concerning Rihanna's condition.

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