Sunday 26 May, 2019

Update: Guardian gets pre-action protocol letter over Machel story

Soca artiste Machel Montano has initiated legal action against the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, following what his management described as the " wholly erroneous report" entitled 'Medics check Machel after Socadrome gig ' which was published today.

Loop TT understands that a pre-action protocol letter was issued to the Guardian urging them to print an apology and retraction or face further action.

The Guardian's article was headlined on the newspaper's front page and claimed that Montano came off a Tribe music Truck at the Socadrome, Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain, suffering from some sort of illness. 

The article went on to say that Montano was "on the verge of possible collapse" as he was hurried into a waiting maxi taxi which shuttled him to an ambulance.

Radio station managing director Anthony Chow Lin On, also known as Chinese Laundry, has expressed his frustration with the article.

Chow Lin On who has a long-term professional and personal relationship with the Soca star, said the article was totally untrue and criticized the reporter whom he said wrote "trash".

On his Facebook account, he said contrary to the report, Montano was rushed to perform on another music truck.

"Shame on the Guardian, this is totally untrue, he was rushed to the savannah to cross the savannah with Fantasy where he had a truck, if this reporter would just turn on the tv or ask a question you wouldn’t have to write such trash"

Meanwhile, Montano's mom Elizabeth Montano also refuted the claims.

Speaking with Loop TT this morning, she joked that her son got up early, was well and in good spirits.

“Since last night people were calling me and I was shocked and I said if anything like that happened, I would have been the first person he would call."

She said Montano was, in fact, fulfilling his contractual duties with Digicel which required him to perform with Tribe. She said, however, that he almost had to be at two different places at once as his band was crossing the Savannah while Tribe was at the Socadrome.

“But it was just that, you know, Machel has a contract with Digicel. So, part of his contract was to do certain appearances so he had to go there in the morning and he went. But at the same time when they were on the stage, his bands that he plays with which is Fantasy, and he has a truck in Fantasy, was at the Savannah,” she noted.

“And I see them saying somebody helping him and when I do so it was one of Machel’s assistant running with him from the Socadrome to the maxi to reach to the Savannah,” she said.

"What Machel say was if they would investigate, they would see that he was in the Savannah after the Socadrome," she quipped.


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