Tuesday 22 October, 2019

Chutney soca singer stands his ground on 'Raj' tune

Chutney soca singer Kenneth Supersad addresses Raj's threat to sue over his tune "De Raj Story".

Chutney soca singer Kenneth Supersad addresses Raj's threat to sue over his tune "De Raj Story".

Chutney soca artiste Kenneth Supersad intends to “go down fighting” to sing his latest offering “De Raj Story” at the Chutney Soca Monarch Semi-Finals.

The artiste who is also a comedian, was threatened with legal action on Monday by attorney Wendy Ramnath-Panday on behalf of her client who claims to be the man the tune is about.

According to the legal letter, ‘Raj’ who is currently engaged in divorce proceedings, has “been the victim of repeated acts of harassment, abuse and derision”.

At a media conference on Thursday, Supersad, who sat with his advisor Devant Maharaj, responded to Raj’s threat to sue. Supersad is being represented by Anand Ramlogan, SC.

The singer/comedian defended his song, stating that Raj is a social character no different from those in other popular chutney tunes like “Balkissoon” and “Ramsingh Sharma” and is not a reference to a man identified as 'Raj' in a viral video, accused by his wife of infidelity.

“I want to get the message across…for too long we have the national community talking about taxpayers money being paid for prizes and the artistes are coming with all kind of rubbish lyrics, singing about rum and horn and negative lyrics.

When I look around in society and I see the number of divorce cases taking place – the infidelity, the unfaithfulness in marriages and so, I decided to write a song sending a positive message.”

Supersad said he was trying to drive the point across to “stick with your wife and stop eating outside.”

“Eat home, and stay with your wife!” he declared.

The artiste believes there is an attempt to shut him and others up, but he said he will not be deterred by those efforts.  

He said his song is not about Ramnath-Panday’s client and contains a positive message about marital fidelilty, which was borne out of recent incidents involving Government Ministers.

“I am singing about someone who is horning his wife, who is committing adultery, who is involved with infidelity – and this is the character that I am singing about. I want to make it absolutely clear that there is no relation in my song to the Raj the attorney-at-law is speaking of.”

“I want to re-emphasise the point that I am trying my best to send a positive message in my song for people to respect the sanctity of marriage and to understand that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, ordained by God, and if you look around at what is happening in our society today with the alleged conduct of Government Ministers being caught with their pants down, then I believe that my song is sending a clear and positive message to people to preserve their marriage and stick together.”

Maharaj said the attorney’s client should possibly seek to pay close attention to the lyrics to assist him in saving his marriage.

He said Raj was fictitious, and the attorney failed to identify her client or the offending lyrics in the song.

Supersad concluding by saying that he means no harm to anyone, and the song does not single out any particular individual.

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