Sunday 21 October, 2018

UPDATE: Carenage sinkhole, paving mishap in Diego Martin repaired

UPDATE Sunday, November 19, 2017: A sinkhole which caused grief for drivers earlier this week has since been repaired, while another paving mishap in Petit Valley was also fixed by the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, after an online outcry from citizens. 

Photos of a sinkhole along the Western Main Road in Carenage were shared to social media on Friday afternoon, showing cars which had partly fallen into the hole.

Local councillor for the area, Akeliah Glasgow, said the issue was being dealt with by the Water and Sewerage Authority and was thought to be the result of a broken main.

"Dear Residents of Chaguramas Point Cumana and all drivers. There is a sink hole on the Western Main, Glencoe, near the bank. It appears to be a sewer main/line that has erupted. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. The Chairlady Susan Hong, representative for the district of Glencoe and I have contacted WASA and they are on site NOW!" 

The sinkhole has since been repaired by WASA. 

In a separate incident, Facebook user Stefan Simmons shared a photo of a curious paving job which had been done around a pile of debris along a road in Petit Valley. 

“I don't know who to blame here... Diego Martin Regional Corp or Ministry of Works and Transport? Really? You are paving AROUND the debris,” said an incensed Simmons.

Citizens expressed amazement at the act.

Eulin Philbert: "Oh Lord HELP really?"

Alicia Taylor: "Ridiculous!!! Both to blame."

Link Lalsingh: "Typical Trinidadian mentality absolutely no pride in their fckin work. I sure they will say they not getting paid to move that."

Councillor for Diamond Vale, Keron Seebaran, said there may have been a 'lapse in supervision'.

"Work performed by Contractors hired by the Regional Corporations is monitored and evaluated on site by the corporation's supervisory Road Officers. Clearly there has been a lapse in supervision."

However, the mishap has since been resolved after Simmons updated his post on Saturday with photos of the road, which has been paved over. 

"Work completed. Thanks to all for sharing the posts, thanks to the Diego Martin Regional Corp and Councillors for responding. One skeptic may have been converted today," said Simmons.