Wednesday 19 June, 2019

CJ's felon 'friend' slams "fabricated news"

Dillian Johnson, a man who describes himself as "a private person who has found the Lord", is criticizing the Trinidad Express Newspaper for what he said were "orchestrated" and "concerted" attacks against him.

The Sunday Express on November 11, in its front page story headlined 'CJ and the Convict', reported that Chief Justice Ivor Archie attempted to advise Supreme Court Judges to change their state-provided security in favour of a private security company that employs his "close friend", Dillian Johnson, a convicted felon, as a consultant. 

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The article further noted that Johnson, 35, has been on official trips abroad with the Chief Justice, 57.

In another article, Johnson was listed as one of 12 people who successfully obtained Housing Development Corporation (HDC) houses after Chief Justice Ivor Archie personally called senior HDC officials to fast-track the applications.

In an email sent on November 19, Johnson refuted all allegations and "fabricated news" purported by the daily newspaper.

He denied having any conversation with the CJ as it relates to the securing of a contract. He also denied acquiring any HDC house via the intervention of the CJ.

Johnson believes he was collateral damage in an attempt to sully the reputation of the CJ to have him removed from office.

"It is clear that there is sinister agenda to hound and force the Chief Justice out of office. This agenda appears to include using me even if it means the creation of information to suit that purpose. As a private person that has found the Lord and trying to turn my life around, I am disturbed by these unfounded allegations," he said.

The convicted felon also cautioned those who were on a "witch hunt", to not involve him.

"I ask those on a witch hunt to persecute the Chief Justice to please leave me out of this. I again deny that I ever had communication with the Chief Justice to secure any contract and asked the Chief Justice for assistance regarding an HDC house."

Johnson said he plans to seek out an attorney to examine whether legal action could be taken against the Sunday Express for defamation.  He said, however, that he did not believe justice would be served.

"Given however the apparent bias by those in the legal fraternity against the Chief Justice I may not be able to get justice," he said.

Johnson, who works with Fortress Security Services Ltd, was convicted of fraud in 2008.


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