Friday 30 October, 2020

CMO: Wipe off cans, wash fruits before storage and consumption

Chances are, you’ve been to either a grocery store or market since news of COVID-19 reaching to Trinidad and Tobago broke. Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram says there’s a level of care you need to exercise, even after your supply trips. 

Due to other hands and possibly bodily fluids interacting with your purchases, Dr Parasram is suggesting that you clean off your goods after your trip from the various stores. 

“The actual produce that you buy, cans et cetera, should be sanitised using one of the sanitisation cloths or disinfectant solutions when you bring it home. Especially things like cans, plastic bottles, those sorts of things, because they have droplets that can actually land on the surfaces of those objects which we call fomites as a group. So, they should be sanitised prior to being put into storage like cupboards,” he said. 

Fomites are defined as objects or materials which are likely to carry infection. 

He’s also recommending that consumers pay special attention to fruits and vegetables. 

“Fruits and vegetables, we recommend to wash with soap and water prior to consumption and even prior to putting into your refrigerator or any other storage device as well,” he added. 

Other medical professionals have also recommended using one teaspoon of bleach or ammonia to every gallon of water as a cheaper means of disinfecting groceries. 

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