Sunday 22 April, 2018

Conservation group: Beware poisoned crayfish

Citizens who are considering buying local crayfish are being warned after a video showing a large crayfish kill at the Marianne River in North Trinidad was shared online.

Facebook user ‘Aks Hasgonefishing’ shared the video to social media to warn others. The video was also shared by Papa Bois Conservation on Wednesday. 

“Disturbing video of yet another crayfish kill in the Marianne River last weekend. The person who sent in the video (Aks Aks Hasgonefishing) thinks chlorine tablets may have been used.”

"The result was at least 100 dead Macrobrachium sp littered along the shallow river bed, no fish, just "crays" of every size, including one of the biggest I've ever seen,” Aks said.

He said there was also a family at the river who left a pile of garbage in the water and on the river bank. He added that he has been met with hostility when asking others to clean up after themselves. 

People expressed disgust at the act and are calling for stiffer punishment for these illegal acts.

“Hope the Ministry has been informed. Something needs to be seriously done. What manner of selfish, idiotic, braindead, fool would do this?” Lois Wilson said.

“What kind of a dumb c*nt would do something like that. Wipe out an entire habitat just for a one time catch. Probably the same level of primate brain that cuts down all the branches of a balata tree for a one time pick. No foresight. Dotish beyond understanding,” Michael Abraham said.

“Government needs to crack down on this. Stiff penalties and litter wardens will raise revenue while protecting the environment. Win win,” said Anand Baal.

“Why! also this kills fish to and poisons the water in general making it unsafe to bathe down stream! They are poisoning people as well the wildlife,” said Brendan Bhagan.

Under Section 7 of the Fisheries Act, "Any person who uses poison of any description or any explosive with intent to stupefy, poison, take or kill fish is liable on summary conviction to a fine of one thousand dollars or to imprisonment for three months."


(Video and photo: Papa Bois Conservation/Aks Hasgonefishing)