Sunday 29 November, 2020

Cop refuses to be scanned, arrests courthouse security guard

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) who refused to be scanned before entering the Mayaro Magistrates' Court, arrested a security guard on Monday.

Reports say the ASP approached the court's entrance and was stopped by the guard who told him that according to protocol he needed to be scanned.

The officer allegedly got upset and loudly accused the guard of obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty. The ASP further demanded that he be allowed to pass without being searched.  

The guard stood his ground and was detained by the irate police officer. He was taken to the Mayaro Police Station where he remained in custody for some time.

Sources say a Deputy Commissioner of Police intervened after he was made aware of the incident by several people including attorneys and court personnel. The guard was allowed to leave without any charges. The ASP has since been cautioned by senior officers on his behaviour.

Meanwhile, the guard reportedly spoke with Chief Justice Ivor Archie and Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on Wednesday.

A departmental order has subsequently been issued "which eliminates all doubt as to the procedure to be followed by police officers who seek to enter court buildings" and indicates that officers need to follow the security protocols set by the court.

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