Thursday 29 October, 2020

CoP tells Rowley: UK, US 'delirious' for continuing Cambridge probe

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has responded to Dr Keith Rowley's ridicule that while the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) ended its probe into the Cambridge Analytica (CA) saga, the United States Congress and British Parliament are continuing their investigations.

On Wednesday night, Dr Rowley shared a brief message to his Facebook page in response to the TTPS announcement. Among other things, he said "Trinidad was not a real place".

Commenting under the status, Griffith said both the US and UK were "delirious" as they have failed to gather substantial evidence to prove the data-mining firm's illegal gathering of social media information. CA has been accused of using information from millions of Facebook users to tailor political campaigns during Donald Trump's 2015 Presidential bid and the United Kingdom's 2016 European Union membership referendum (Brexit).

He said: "The have to be delirious. Because up to now, the same US Congress and UK Parliament cannot provide one piece of evidence to show that this took place. I work on facts and evidence. Not comments by persons in any Parliament."

Griffith also responded to other social media users in the comment section. He urged those who had evidence on the matter to report it and told another to check his brain. However, all of his statements have since been deleted. 



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